God is most definitely with you and me even now

This has been one of the most painful years of my life and believe it or not, the cause of the pain has nothing to do with Covid19. I know so many others have really struggled for all kinds of reasons this year. Regardless of what has caused your challenges, stress, pain, most of us are more than ready for relief. Naturally, many are looking to Christmas for some comfort, peace, some hope. And yes, it is here that we will find the miracle of God’s presence with us. I pray with all that I am, that you are able to recognize these wonder-full blessings right there waiting for you to accept.

This year Christmas has received an early welcome by most of us. Each of us reaching out for encouragement, hope, joy and comfort. As we reach out we find that God has already been reaching for us, to touch us, hold us, be with us, comfort us.

Our scripture begins: “Comfort, comfort my people! says your God” what wonderful words to hear from the one who truly can comfort our fears, anxieties, woes. God, the Source of All Being, our Creator, the One Who Loved Us Into Being is reaching out to us again calling us beloved. God, our Salvation, Redeemer has come down to truly Be With Us, Emmanuel, even in the chaos and pain of our living. God, our Nurturer, Constant Companion, Guide walks our chosen paths with us whispering to our souls, “This way.” God, the Architect of all and Ruler of Creation reaches out to us, a divine embrace birthing healing and salvation by grace.

No matter what you and I are going through, no matter how we choose to be as we go through it; God reaches out, offering this wonder-full divine embrace. You might be saying, yea right, I’ve heard all this before but nothing changes. Please take a look at the picture above. The hand on the right is God’s hand, see God’s finger reaching out? The hand on the left is “Adam’s” hand. Notice Adams hand just hangs there, not yet responding to God’s reach. Respond, say yes to God’s reach for you. Not just for this one thing or one time. But grasp onto God’s reach and don’t let go. Allow God’s embrace to envelop you, your every move, your every thought, your every decision, your every breath. Allow yourself to learn and grow in God’s ways and you will notice that you change, your reactions change, your strength changes. You’ll notice that things that once destroyed you no longer have power over you. But you must grasp God’s reach and hold on.

There is much in our secular world about the “MAGIC” of Christmas. God’s Beloved, my sisters and brothers, there is NOTHING magic about the true Christmas. Life doesn’t just POOF and the world is suddenly utopia. But God’s reach, Emmanuel, the baby in the manger is there for you to accept and allow into the intricacies of your life and living. And you will know true hope, joy, peace, and comfort today and every tomorrow regardless of what’s happening around you. You will live in confidence that God does win, always.

Enjoy the lights, the songs, the cheer. Remember your neighbors, friends, family even though you can’t visit with them. Face time with them, send cards, call, send letters, emails, messages let everyone know they are loved. Decorate your homes, cars, golf carts, pets. lol Laugh. And receive God’s embrace, reach for God’s presence, look to recognize Divine blessings and gifts. I guarantee they are there. You are loved. Hope reigns today and everyday. Allow peace, love, hope, joy agape, the divine to transform you AND your living today, tomorrow forever.

Love – Pam

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