What is Pastoral Counseling?

“I want to learn how to live like a Christian.”

“I believe in God but how can that possibly help me grieve?”

“I cheated on my spouse and now I’m embarrassed. Can my faith help me or is God just there to make me feel bad about what I did?”

These are a few comments uttered over and over again, by people coming to see if Pastoral Counseling has anything different to offer. Recently, there has been an influx of people curious about the “tone” of pastoral counseling. So often, God is presented as a judgmental old man sitting on his throne throwing lightening bolts at people. In my 25 years as an ordained pastor, I’ve had the honor of burying over 300 people and sitting with most of their families. Too often, people are afraid to die because they came to know God as a punitive God through sermons and teachings by religious persons. Phrases like: “moving on to perfection”, “God hates sin”, “faith burns away your impurities” certainly don’t give the impression that the Christian God is the God of Love. People want to run from this punitive jealous God they’ve heard about. No wonder, these same people tremble at the thought of pastoral counseling.

God is all about real love, not the cheap fluffy romantic love, but the really real love that embraces the unlovable and lovable alike. Divine love is life giving love that hangs in there even through the most horrific times, encouraging hope and developing strength of character. Pastoral Counseling at Living Springs accepts you where you are and helps you to grow. If you want, you will learn ways to use your faith to shape your life and living in strong, resilient ways. Joyfully deepen your relationship with God as you discover the blessings of Christian living. At the same time, you’ll discover your other relationships growing healthier. You’ll also experience hope as you learn to utilize your faith to make decisions. You’ll strengthen your desire to know God personally as you realize God is on your team, backing you, encouraging you, guiding you.

What a difference. God = Love

Even when you’re in the mud, God is there with you and God is there for you and Hope  guides you. The sun will shine again.

Come, we look forward to meeting you, just as you are.

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