What is Living Waters Rx Fund?

Living Waters Rx provides funding so that all Upper Keys residents are able to fill legitimate prescriptions from their doctor.

  • 42% of Upper Keys, Florida residents between the ages of 18-60 have no health insurance
  • Monroe County, FL is ranked as #1 in the nation for addictions (both alcohol and drug), suicide, domestic violence and divorce
  • Housing in Monroe County, FL is 86% more expensive than the rest of Florida
  • Retail cost is 37% more expensive than the rest of Florida
  • Income is 7% higher than the rest of Florida

How did the project start?

Due to the high cost of living in Monroe County, FL and the fact that the majority of those holding positions are in the service industry through mom and pop businesses, most residents can not afford to eat healthy meals or get the medical care they need.

In 1999, when Rev. Dr. Pam Feeser began to serve a local congregation as Pastor, she discovered the local hospital Social Service department was regularly calling from church to church to see if this needy patient and that needy patient could utilize the pastor’s discretionary funds to pay for their medications.  Then one of the department workers (of which there were only 2) would drive from church to church to collect pledged amounts, cashing checks, etc and then taking the money to the pharmacy.  This involved a significant amount of time away from the other important responsibilities of the department workers.

In 2009, Dr. Feeser sat down with the workers in this department as well as the CEO of the hospital to draw up a process that would save everyone time, energy and funds.  They created the Living Waters Rx Project.  This is a collaborative project between DOLPHINS to Stop Domestic Violence, Inc., the Upper Keys Ministerial Association (UKMA), the local hospital, Winn Dixie Pharmacy, CVS, Kmart pharmacy and First State Bank of the Keys.

How Living Waters Rx is funded …

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The funds, from 2009 until 2017, came only from donations.  In 2017, 2019 and2020 United Way of Collier and the Keys and the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys provided funding. The Florida Keys Electric Coop Charitable Fund also granted significant support to this project. These gracious gifts were given just before and after Hurricane Irma, a devastating storm which has challenged our community to show just how strong we are and at the onset of COVID19. The Living Waters Rx Project is always ready and very able to meet the increased need. Thank you to our funders and all those who continue to donate to this fund. In 2018 the Landau Fund through the Community Foundation of Florida Keys, FKEC, and the Upper Keys Ministerial Association all pitched in support to provide for our neighbors in recovery. Thank you all for your amazing support.

You are welcome to provide a tax deductible donation by sending your donation to Living Waters Rx fund; 34 Pirates Drive; Key Largo, FL  33037


I want to donate to Living Waters Rx     (all donations are tax deductible, please be sure to give us your contact information)

You may also donate by making purchases on smile.amazon.com and choosing DOLPHINS to Stop Domestic Violence, Inc. as your charity.  There is no overhead for this fund.  Everything is done by volunteers.

Yet another way to donate is to create an account with www.shopwithscrip.com and choose Living Springs Counseling as your charity.  Use this enrollment code: 95L61168964

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