Praying Our Way Through Advent to Christmas To Epiphany (A.C.E.)

You’ve found it. A.C.E. = Advent to Christmas to Epiphany

Each Sunday, beginning Dec 3, a new page of Scriptural readings, thoughts to meditate on and prayers will appear for that week. Please join hundreds of others, as we take 5 minutes each day to meditate on 1 scripture and it’s thoughts for meditation, you might also like to include at least one of the prayers (at the bottom of the page) each day. Then on the fifth day reflect on the week’s readings. What is God saying to you?

Thoughts as we prepare …  “Not everyone is up and cheery for the Christmas holidays. Dealing with the death of a loved one, facing life after divorce or separation, coping with the loss of a job, living with cancer, and a number of other human situations make parties and joviality painful for many people in our congregations and communities. There is a growing attentiveness to the needs of people who are blue at Christmas. Increasing numbers of churches are creating sacred space for people living through dark times.” (UM Lectionary Calendar) As we process through this time together, may we all be mindful of our neighbors situation. Perhaps they don’t celebrate Christmas, or this year might be difficult for them. May your seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany lead you into a deeper relationship with the One Who Loved You Into Being, our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, our Three-in-One, our God. May you learn to love with more completeness and may your living be a shining example of God’s agape for all.

From now through Epiphany you are invited to use our ACE devotionals. Each week we’ll share the scripture and theme for that week. Each week has four scriptural readings with “Thoughts for meditation”. You might want to meditate on one scriptural reading per day and then reflect on the last day of the week. You’re welcome to make comments on the page, share the page with others, or facebook your thoughts. All scripture will be quoted from the Common English Bible.

Devotions begin Dec 3. Be watching.

Resources used through this devotional include:
Litanies and Other Prayers: For the Revised Common Lectionary
Feasting on the Word
Touch Holiness



2 Comments on “Praying Our Way Through Advent to Christmas To Epiphany (A.C.E.)

    • Advent to Christmas to Epiphany (A.C.E.) – Praying Our Way Through A.C.E.

      Peter – Thank you for your inquiry. I hope you’ll join us each week. Every Sunday, beginning with Dec. 3 a new page of scriptural readings, thoughts for meditation and prayers will appear. May your Holy Day (holiday) season be filled with blessings. – Pam


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