Our Beginnings

Thank goodness AssisiI had created DOLPHINS as part of my doctoral work and the CPA, Richard Overfield strongly encouraged keeping it active after I was hired by a major organization.  Richard’s advice and guidance was wise. As a result of the economy in 2015 I suddenly needed to find another avenue for my ministry.  This required a few months to pull everything together.  A Florida Keys organization offered me an opportunity to get started which I deeply appreciated.  However, I quickly realized it would be wiser to go back to the 501c3 and create 2 DBA’s under DOLPHINS for numerous reasons.

  1. People always get confused with the name DOLPHINS and think we either work with the football team or swim with the mammals.
  2. Over time I was able to realize my goal since seminary of becoming a pastoral counselor. This ministry fits within DOLPHINS goals but is better set as a DBA.
  3. I also had created a fund which helps Upper Keys residents acquire unaffordable prescriptions. This fund needed a 501c3 home, and again fits within DOLPHINS goals.

As time continues on, the Upper Keys community’s response to these offerings has been overwhelmingly in favor.  As additional opportunities open up, I will be considering them.  I will primarily focus on developing what God clearly calls me to do at this time and in this place.

Operating Highlights

We’ve restructured our Board of Directors.  As our program progresses we will continue to develop our Board.  We hope to include UK consumers as board members.  Ideally, we will have a five-member Board.

We continue to develop our infrastructure to support and increase our capacity as we grow to address expressed needs of our community that match our purpose.

As we continue improving our ability to express our success, the level of support we receive from our funders and donors increases. Thank you all for your trust, your vote and your encouragement.

 Looking Ahead

There are exciting possibilities ahead as our UK community has been rallying to flesh out a unified response to the struggles of our neighbors who are recovering from IRMA.  Again, this is very much a part of DOLPHINS Living Springs original goals for action.  We currently provide counseling to several people struggling on the verge of homelessness and plan to provide additional counseling to more in this struggle.

Our clientele for Living Springs Counseling continues to increase simply by word of mouth as our reputation throughout the community continues to solidify.  Our media sources are very supportive of our endeavors.

The larger Keys community continues to increase the need as well as support for our Prescription assistance program called Living Waters Rx Project.

Please check out our pages for these programs and see what’s happening.

The Rev. Dr. Pamela Feeser, CPC
Founder and Executive Director

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