Springtime Dancing

busy bee

What wonderful opportunities we’ve had over the past few weeks to enjoy the joyful busyness of our lively honey bees collecting pollen everywhere the possibly can. Each day the beautiful blossoms proudly display new life about to burst forth on every tree, bush and flower.

Imagine our joy last week when my husband and I discovered that our native Satin Leaf tree that we’ve had for 8 years, began providing us with succulent purple plum like fruits to increase our health. Our black sapote tree supplies the entire neighborhood with plenty of chocolate pudding fruit every day. The Valencia Mango tree exploded with beautiful yellowish/orangish/brownish blossoms everywhere. The Holy Basil bush is delighting our honey bee friends every morning with tons of flowers along with the Brazilian cherry  blossoms. The sopadilla tree hangs heavily with ripening fruits. Our yard is bustling with life and busy happy honey bees because we keep everything organic. Birds are making their nests high in the trees loaded with berries, puppies are chasing the lizards around, opossums are keeping the unwanted insects away, mosquito fish keep water clear for the wildlife, God has a plan and we are blessed to watch it and help it along. As we love this earth it loves us back.

What signs of life are you witnessing? Where in your neighborhood are you experiencing hopeful signs?



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