Living Springs Counseling believes that healthy spiritual and mental health is essential to healthy living.  We also believe that every person regardless of income or insurance status deserves to have every opportunity to attend to their spiritual and mental health.  For this reason, we offer our services on a sliding scale.  We offer counseling for depression, grief, marital counseling and simply to help process through specific bumps in life for which you would like some help.

The Rev. Dr. Pamela Feeser is an Endorsed Certified Pastoral Counselor, certified by the national certifying agency, American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  The state of Florida does not license pastoral counselors.  In states that do, this certification is their license.  Dr. Feeser is also certified as a facilitator for the ACT Parenting class by the Melissa Institute of Miami.  The United Methodist Endorsing Agency has endorsed Dr. Feeser as a Certified Pastoral Counseling Chaplain.

Living Springs Counseling and Living Waters Rx Project are each a DBA (doing business as) under DOLPHINS to Stop Domestic Violence, Inc.  a 501c3.

Mission Statement

We equip and empower our clients to create and live out


Options for


Playing and



Non-violence and


DOLPHINS to Stop Domestic Violence, Inc.

We do this by:

Equipping and empowering religious and secular community leaders and the community itself to effectively and proactively address domestic violence through their particular roles in society.

We accomplish this through conducting workshops, trainings, talks, counseling, groups and consultations.  We also provide materials that can be used by the community to address issues that lead to domestic violence (joblessness, homelessness, lack of access to health, disenfranchisement).  We build networks between religious and secular community leadership.


Empower individuals to live healthier lifestyles by removing obstructions or by creating a path around obstructions through counseling, assistance and training.

Empower victims of domestic violence to take control of their lives through advocacy of the collaboration between religious and secular leadership.

Educate and equip community leaders and residents to be effective in the process of stopping the violence by making the systemic changes necessary and developing collaboration between secular and religious leadership all which includes providers.

Educate and raise the consciousness of the Upper Keys community on the societal effects of domestic violence.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your article on All Saints Day. It makes a positive difference when we are willing to go deeper into the history and roots of our faith. Thank you. Jesus never fails!


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