We hold in our care

We offer our prayers and support for the survivors of the Surfside building collapse last week. As each new day brings us further from the chance of finding more people alive, we call out to God to hold our neighbors in divine embrace. May God’s offering of strength, comfort, healing, relief, salvation, love, life and more become resting places as each survivor journeys through this path.

This horror struck the surfside community last week. Living Springs Counseling is offering grief counseling to anyone connected with the great many losses. We invite you to pray for the families who have lost loved ones, for restoration for those who have been injured, strength and wisdom for those who continue to search. There are also some things you can do to help.

If you would like to help, you can check with your local congregation to see what your faith community might be doing or collecting to help. Currently, we know that the disaster relief team has plenty of supplies on hand. As time moves forward, there may be a call for needed items. Stay in touch with your faith group to become aware of any needs. Grief counselors, pastors, and translators are needed at this time.

Creator and Redeemer of all that exists, we stand on your promises and hang onto your word at times like this. While our immediate community has not been a direct part of this trauma, we offer ourselves to your service in this time and place. We listen for your call and are ready to respond as your beloved to your beloved. And through it all we pray. Here I am Lord, take me and use me however you see fit. Amen.

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