Ho! Listen!

Isaiah 55: 1-5

Ho, everyone who thirsts,
    come to the waters;
and you that have no money,
    come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
    without money and without price.
Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread,
    and your labor for that which does not satisfy?
Listen carefully to me, and eat what is good,
    and delight yourselves in rich food.
Incline your ear, and come to me;
    listen, so that you may live.
I will make with you an everlasting covenant,
    my steadfast, sure love for David.
See, I made him a witness to the peoples,
    a leader and commander for the peoples.
See, you shall call nations that you do not know,
    and nations that do not know you shall run to you,
because of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel,
    for he has glorified you.

Is there any text more appropriate for today? For us in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?

Here is an interpretation by Pam of this powerful life offering, mind altering, life changing text.

Ho! What's it going to take for God to get our attention? Yo!! Listen up ...
Those of you with no money .... wow! While some have been incredibly fortunate to continue getting an income, the vast majority of us have lost a good portion to all of our income and we're terrified ...
How to continue, food! housing! bills! health care costs!
What do you think is controlling people's thoughts these days?
What are you concerned about? Consider ...
What if your concept of a healthy economy, during this pandemic, is costing people their lives? 
What if your beliefs about good stewardship is costing people their lives?
It's hard and incredibly painful to truly consider these questions. But God asks us, in this time ...
Why? Why do you focus on bread that does not feed, bread that does not fill, bread that does not satisfy? God asks us, would you rather line your pockets than fill to satisfy?
Wake up! Ho! Listen! 
Listen now, listen to me, your God, the One Who Loved You Into Being
NO! I said listen! Incline your ear toward me and hear

You want to live?
You want to leave a legacy? You want to make a difference?
Even David, adulterous and sinful David, even David is my beloved
I made him known, I made him a leader and commander of not just people, but of peoples.
To these peoples I made him a witness for me. How much less will I make of you?
Listen, incline your ear and even the nations who have no knowledge of you will hear
Why? because I will make it so. Will you listen and hear (live) the truth of my Word?
God beckons - come to my table and eat your fill.

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