How does Hope fit in your life this Christmas and Holiday Season?

Zebra Foal 'Melako' At Werribee Zoo, Melbourne, Australia - 21 Nov 2012

When I was young, learning new things was exciting most of the time. However, when I was in my mid to late teens oh how I couldn’t wait to be taken seriously. I had a plan to study music in college and was very excited to embark on this new, more independent “leg” of my journey. I was certain that life as an independent adult would be so much easier. Oh how much I had to learn.

Of course, instead of simply getting easier, life just gets more complicated. For so many Christmas time isn’t a time of joy, rather this time brings memories of lost loved ones, lost jobs, relationships, especially the frustration that comes from having unanswered questions we want to ask God, and so many more struggles that seem to glare at us through the tinsel and lights. This year, my heart and my prayers are for those struggling in this way.

How I would love to be able to gift everyone with unshakable faith that God’s loving embrace with never, never let us go especially during those times of unspeakable pain that seems so senseless to us. I do promise you that God will always love you and every person anywhere. I promise you that Divine Agape will embrace you even in those dark scary shadows of life.  I promise you that there is a Divine response to all those questions we want to ask and that response SOMEHOW will show us that even these terrible experiences demonstrate God’s love for us.

Anyone who knows my history or who has read my book, knows that horrific experiences are very much a part of my life. I don’t know why people suffer, but I do know, in a very real way, that God’s healing life-giving embrace is very much present and working for us throughout even these experiences. As I’ve suffered these experiences, each time I’ve grown in my ability to recognize God’s presence in and through all things. After the train-wreck, as I fought for my life and didn’t have the ability to put words together to even make sentences; I discovered the gift of being able to pray without words. My prayer was simply a knowing that somehow God was there fighting for me and empowering me. I was clutching on to that hope to get me through. Now, I know there is nothing that I can’t face because God is with me in a very real way no matter what. Yes, there are times I need to specifically remind myself. Re-membering our life and our faith is a great gift that the One Who Loved You Into Being offers to you too.

May you truly know God’s Agape through all things this Christmas season and New Year.

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