Meet our new Hospitality Hostess

Sylvia Maltzmann
Hospitality Hostess – Sylvia Maltzman

Living Springs Counseling is proud to introduce you to our new Hospitality Hostess, Sylvia Maltzman. Sylvia has a beautiful heart and wants to give back. She has great compassion for God’s people, her brothers and sisters. Starting in September she will be sending email cards from 123Greetings to anyone who has given us their email address as well as their birthday or anniversary date. We do this because we care very much about all who have interacted with our agency in any way.

So, if you would like to receive beautiful cards and aren’t sure if you’ve given us your information please fill out the form below. Pam will be the only person to get the information from this form and will pass to Sylvia only email addresses and birthday and anniversary dates that we don’t already have.

Sylvia is a Messianic Jew who lived most of her life in Miami Dade County. She has recently moved to Islamorada. Thank you Sylvia for your ministry.

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