Is Christianity Even Relevant Today?

Standing in the face of trouble

Today’s World often seems filled with turmoil, struggle and hate. The people we want to look up to continue to say and do shocking things. Our leadership, at all levels, is filled with people who disrespect others and make selfish decisions. So many of our leaders, from local positions all the way to our top national leaders, have become perverted by the power they hold. How do we move forward as Christians in such a place as this?

There have been at least 231 mass shootings in the United States during 2019 so far, 220 people have died and over 900 injured. (gunviolencearchive, wikipedia) Other sites return even greater numbers of people. Where do people get the idea that the best way to get their point across is to shoot massive numbers of strangers? How do we move forward as Christians in such a place as this?

So many have been deeply hurt by the Church. There is great corruption in power to which even the Church (the institution) has succumbed. The Church has espoused some teachings that do not fit within the divine agape of the One Who Loved Us Into Being. Even individual Christians have demonstrated hateful attitudes and behaviors. We are witnesses to corruption and hate from our local communities all the way through to our global leaders. To where can we look for hope and healing? Does Christianity hold any real hope and healing for us today?

There are certainly wonderful things happening too. In the last week, I personally witnessed someone who lost everything since Hurricane Irma, giving their time, energies, skills and yes, even some things to others. Having chosen a new life and spent the last year putting everything into place to begin, this person has witnessed others in need and chosen to compassionately do what they could to help and encourage. Why? Because, especially through this horrific time, this person became aware of God’s strength, guidance, healing, and love in their life and for their life like never before. Out of deep gratitude for these divine gifts, this person is now living larger than ever imagined with much less.

Especially in times like this, it’s important to focus on and meditate on those things which encourage us, build us up in healthy ways, things that lead us toward hope.

I believe there are core truths that Christians and non-Christians can hold onto. Richard Rohr puts it in such a beautiful way: “Whether or not you identify as a Christian, Richard invites you to see the Christ—the unifying principle of wholeness at the core of the universe—in everything and everyone. What does it mean to be the Body of Christ, the cosmic and coming Christ, now and for the future?”

“Unifying principle of wholeness at the core of the universe-in everything and everyone” Can you imagine, if we each meditated on that, just deeply thought about it, a few times each week what a difference it would make in the way we interact with one another and the rest of creation? Think about the difference it would make in your life.

In fact, I’m inviting you to try it out. Intentionally, for the next 3 days meditate (deeply think) on the phrase: “Unifying principle of wholeness at the core of the universe – in everyone and everything“. Do this at least 3 times a day for 3 minutes at a time. You’ll need to set aside (turn off phone, essentially go into a closed closet, turn off TV, make sure rest of family (roommates) know to leave you alone for 3 minutes) and see what happens.

What we pour into our minds, hearts, eyes and ears makes a difference in who we are. To build the strength to stand through the tough times, we must fill ourselves, again and again, with unifying and timeless principles.

Please come back and share your results:



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