Living Water

Did you ever wonder why scientists get so excited when they find a planet with water? They regularly bypass all kinds of truly amazing planets, stars, galaxies and more with a plethora of valuable discoveries and go straight to the planets that include water. It turns out that scientists have never found any substance that sustains life better than water. Where there’s water there’s probably life.

Guess what amniotic fluid is. You guessed it, water. Did you know that the water of amniotic fluid does much more than protect the developing baby? As pregnancy continues, this water provides a way for electrolytes, proteins, carbohydrates, other nutritional and developmental elements to get to the developing child. Even more, when the fetus swallows this water, it  helps in the formation of the gastrointestinal tract. Water is vital to human creation.

Do you know why plants need water? Plants are about 90% water. When plants are not watered properly they wilt. This is because of something called turgor, which is water pressure inside the cells that make up the plant’s skeleton. When a plant is properly hydrated, there is enough water pressure to make the leaves strong and sturdy; when a plant doesn’t get enough water, the pressure inside the stems and leaves drops and they wilt. Plants also need water for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is what plants do to create their food, and water is critical to this process. Once in the leaves water evaporates, as the plant exchanges water for carbon dioxide. The water from the leaves evaporates through the stomata, and carbon dioxide enters the stomata, taking the water’s place. Plants need this carbon dioxide to make food. Transpiration – this exchange of water for carbon dioxide – only occurs during the day when there is sunlight. This is why you might find dew on plants in the morning. The plants contain a lot of water because all night long water has been entering through the stem and being pulled into the leaves where it can’t evaporate. Since the water doesn’t evaporate at night, the water has no where to go so it remains on the leaves as dew. When water evaporates from a plant during transpiration it cools the plant, in the same way the humans sweat to cool off in the heat. A mature house plant can transpire its body weight daily. This means it gives off a lot of water! If people needed that much water, an adult would drink 20 gallons of water a day. (UCSB ScienceLine)

Not only does water create life and sustain life, water can also be destructive, hurricanes, and beautiful, Niagara Falls. Water refreshes us, swimming, and provides a source for exercise and healthy nutrition (fish and seaweed).  Water cleans and feeds.

No wonder God choose water to be used in baptism. Water gives us rainbows. God led the Israelites to freedom through water. God provided safe passage through the river Jordan to the promised land. In creation, God swept across the waters and brought forth light.

Our lives are blessed by water in more ways than we know.

How has your life been blessed, changed, rearranged by water?

Here is a quote from my book: Becoming: A Spiritual Journey

“Jeremiah has a wonderful understanding of God as the fountain of living water that has so completely flowed through my life in the years since. It’s not even just a river of living water as John talks about, but an actual fountain. I picture a magnificent shower of water shooting up from the center, cascading down with its refreshing life-giving breath on everything willing to receive it. Dancing around the fountain, I see life flourishing and growing in a brilliant array of greens. A fragrance of joy and hope permeates the air as new life buds forth. This is the vision my Creator gave me as I struggled to reach out for just a drop, knowing that God’s right hand was holding me through it all.”

May you know God’s Blessings through water today and everyday.

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