A Community Pulls Together




Thank you to all our amazing supporters!

Together we raised over $1100! We ate, shared and bought 5 different kinds of cheesecakes (6 cheesecakes in total), Greek and Lebanese Baklava, 2 kinds of Biscotti, 6 different kinds of cookies, 4 different kinds of cakes (13 cakes in total), Caramel Pecan Rolls, fudge, 50 peanut butter balls, brownies, 20 chocolate cherry muffins along with tea (hot and cold) and water.

AND WHO COULD EVER FORGET THE AUCTION!! Have you ever laughed so hard? Here’s the final bids:

Lebanese Baklava $34

Caramel Pecan Rolls $30

Mango Cheesecake $40.75

Peanut Butter Brownie Cheesecake $44

Greek Bakalava Cheesecake $50

$1100 provides:

16 full counseling scholarships or countless partial scholarships for your neighbors

or 5 neighbors who are able to afford their medications

or a fully paid 8 week Parenting Class for anyone interested

Our Sponsors :

Key Largo Auto Repair

CenterState Bank

thank you


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