Desserts Desserts Desserts!

That sweet tooth is calling. If we’re going to live in paradise we might as well enjoy ourselves too.

food photography of a baked cake on white ceramic palteImagine ….                                       Cookies

baked baking bread breakfast

Chocolate cake






Caramel Pecan Rolls                                                   All kinds of Breads!

all of it HOMEMADE!

and to top it off…

This will SUPPORT local CHARITY!

ONLY $10 

and you can sample almost everything


Prior to the auction, you can also purchase whole cakes/ pies/ breads to take with you.

Additionally, CODA PIRATE will be auctioning 

Delectable Homemade Specialties.

Saturday, August 11

1-3 PM

Location  MM 93 Oceanside 

(Burton Memorial UMC)



Desserts Desserts Desserts!

$10 ticket to sample everything! Even if you are unable to attend, purchase a ticket to donate so someone else can enjoy the fun. Profits will be used to match grants.


Tickets also available at:

Shear Paradise

or Call 305.942.4226


Thank you to our Sponsors:

CenterState Bank

Key Largo Auto Repair


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