Disaster Prepardness


The absolute last thing any of us want to think about is another disaster. As we’re still spinning from Hurricane Irma, working toward recovery, we’re exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and here in the Upper Keys, desperately short on resources. Unfortunately, funders and donors continue to support larger Lower Keys organizations rather than the smaller, yet very capable, organizations of the Upper Keys. Thank goodness for the Landau’s for designating their donation directly for the Upper Keys. We will remember your kindness and direct action on behalf of your community, your neighbors. Thank you. Yes, Lower Keys orgs promise they will share but rarely does the resource ever actually get to the Upper Keys. So what are we to do?

We must pull together, work together to support one another and prepare ourselves against the event of another disaster. We must continue to do our best to attract resources to the Upper Keys. Each of us in the Upper Keys has something to offer to our neighbors and our community depends on each of us participating, caring and doing. Our goal is hope, community and loving one another.

What can you contribute? Your time, energy, extra furniture, an extra room someone can stay, donation, a service, …? Your neighbors need you.

Living Springs has provided more Rx assistance since Irma than we’ve ever provided in any one year in the past. Currently we are out of funds. We also are providing an unprecedented amount of low cost Pastoral Counseling. Anyone who’s household income is $20,000 or lower only pays $5 a session. Over $20,000 we offer a very fair sliding scale. Regardless our sessions cost us $70. Currently we have no funding to cover our loss. Regardless we will continue to offer low cost Pastoral Counseling because this is our mission and we believe in our community. How can we do this? Because our staff prefers to serve as volunteers so that our vital services can continue to be offered. We continue to seek funding to cover our services AND our staff, but until that happens our dedicated staff offers service because it is vital to our Upper Keys community.

If you are a representative of an organization or business, you might want to check out the Ready Rating website from the Red Cross. Just click on the Ready Rating seal above and it will walk you through an assessment to make sure you’ve thought of and prepared for everything needed.

Do you have something you’d like to offer to your neighbors but don’t quite know how to offer it? Please fill out this confidential form and either Pam or Evelyn will get back to you.

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