Valentine’s Day isn’t all Roses

Is Valentine’s Day a creation of Hallmark? Perhaps comes from the Christian tradition, when a Roman Catholic Priest started marrying young people in God’s name at a time when the popular and legal tradition was polygamy AND it was believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than married ones.  After all, who do the unmarried soldiers need to be concerned about if they die?  Stunning isn’t it?  St. Valentine? well, he was beheaded for his troubles.

single long stem rose

Where’s the romance in that?  And even more amazing, we don’t truly know the history of St. Valentine or even if there was one or TWO of them. In fact, in 1969 the Catholic Church took him off the list of Saints because so little is actually known of truth. Don’t worry, Catholics still honor him. In fact, most of the United States recognizes St. Valentine’s Day. However, over time, with the help of Shakespeare and others, Valentine’s Day has become a day about romance, love, cupid even.

One priest was quoted as holding St. Valentine’s Day in his heart as a day to remember that our love and dedication to God is to be held even to death. My guess is most people don’t think in that direction but more in the romantic chocolate and roses type day.

However, what about those who have lost a loved one or their one special loved one or perhaps simply have no special person in their lives at the time. This day and the weeks building up to it become quite painful for many of these persons. If you know someone who is alone this year, perhaps you can reach out to them in a special way to remind them they are still loved or maybe that their loved one is still remembered.

My husband and I took the opportunity to spend the day on the beautiful Florida Bay sailing a catamaran, complete with our picnic basket.  Whatever your Valentine’s Day was this year, I pray that you be able to use it to grow your love, embracing those around you in helpful ways.




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