Accomplishments at Living Springs Counseling

This year

Pam has completed the level of training and certification required to be a Certified Pastoral Counselor.  She has been an Ordained Elder in Full Connection with the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church serving since 1994.  This year she earned permanent designation as a Certified Pastoral Counselor (CPC), from the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  Additionally, in 2014 she was Endorsed by the United Methodist Endorsing Agency as a Pastoral Counseling Chaplain.  The state of Florida does not license Pastoral Counselors.  Congratulations for such an accomplishment!

Our office.

Coral Isle Church has graciously donated the use of their Chapel for Living Springs Counseling services.  In appreciation, we tithe (10%) of our intake from our clients back to the church.

Our fees.

Because the economy of the UK continues to decline, we generously implemented a sliding scale:  Household income divided by 2, then multiplied by .001

Therefore, if Susi’s household income is 30,000/2 =15,000 x .001 = $15 per session

At least half of our clients make less than 20,000, and accordingly we waive their fee.  We’ve applied to several foundations for scholarship money so these clients can receive the counseling they need. The scholarships will be distributed at $35/session.  Of course we will hold sacred all confidential information.  We’ll work out appropriate means of reporting for the foundations.

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